At Amber House, our body care offerings are made by hand, utilizing minimal plant based ingredients and simple methods of folk plant medicine. By turning to the wisdom of these time-tested methods we create offerings that are highly effective at nourishing your skin and body inside and out. It is our intent that in practicing these folk methods our offerings will serve as a means to honor, recover and centralize traditional practices of herbal medicine and the cultures that create them.

By practicing honorable harvest methods, slow gentle extraction processes, utilizing packaging with low impact materials and ensuring the use of only minimal, essential, ingredients we honor our dedication to the health of our planet, our customers, and our community. Most importantly, we hope to honor the communities and traditions of folk healers across the globe whose collective wisdom has guided our growth and made it possible to bring simple, effective, supportive body care to you and your family.

Gregory Dorado - Creative Director

Growing an Idea

from seed

One, pink hued, September evening many years ago I returned to my garden after working my nine to five job. This garden arrival was a regular ritual born of the necessity to ground and nourish my mind and body after long and worthwhile days of creative work. In Northern California this was the time of year the buzz of life in the garden was beginning to slow, the evenings were beginning to chill, and the garden’s inhabitants began turning their energies toward seed production for the next year’s seedlings.

In one corner of the garden, the Lemon Balm and Sage still had an abundance of leafy aromatic medicine to offer and I was exhausting my list of recipes and teas to make with their magic. I began my search for the best ways to preserve this abundance of plant medicine. A few weeks later, after many books and beautiful sharing with knowledgeable practitioners, the first batch of Sage & Lemon Balm Lip Care was born.

It would still be a few years and a huge life move to New Orleans before Amber House Apothecary came to be, but in that little garden began a story of mutual reciprocity with the planet, responsibility of care for our community, and deep love for creating simple offerings to nourish the body.

Mission: We are dedicated to acknowledging, supporting and amplifying the diversity of individual and cultural medicines through practices intended to nourish the planet, our community, and all bodies. We are committed, as practitioners of care, to modeling sustainable and conscious engagement in all we do and provide.







The people that

Made us possible

Gregory Dorado

Creative Director, Co-Founder

Andrew Ward

CEO, Co-Founder